SPA products

With us you will find all spa products for disinfecting, cleaning, correcting the pH of the water in your jacuzzi / spa. We also have products for cleaning the hot tub. In addition, there is also an offer for descaling/cleaning the pipes. In short, all good basic products that are needed for your whirlpool.

The health benefits of a spa/jacuzzi

The weightlessness and the warm water provide a blissful experience.
Together with the hydromassage you will experience a very positive influence on your physical and mental health. Partly thanks to this therapy, for example, your pain complaints from muscle and joint pain can be greatly reduced. It also improves your blood circulation. In addition, the waste products from your body are better removed from your body. The hydrotherapy in combination with the heat releases dopamine and endorphins that provide the happiness hormone. This makes you get a blissful mood by using a jacuzzi.
As a result of all this, the stress in your life will be drastically reduced and your sleeping pattern will be greatly improved. If these things are not enough, you can enjoy a drink with friends in more pleasant circumstances than just on the sofa.
To create a safer environment at your spa, our plastic glasses use so that you never have to be afraid of glass shards.

Maintenance of the spa

With our products for the spa you are certainly safe to maintain stable and healthy water.
Nevertheless, we recommend that you regularly change your water. This every 6 to 8 months. If you use the spa/jacuzzi intensively, it may be appropriate to change it more frequently. Regularly check the PH value of your water and correct where necessary. This is necessary for it chlorine (disinfection) to work optimally. Do not exaggerate with other products such as flocculation or spa clarifier. These products are extra to give healthy water that little bit more.
Excessive use of products that do not belong to the base (PH & chlorine) will cause your water to become less pure and foamy.

Disinfecting the jacuzzi water

Disinfecting the jacuzzi water

You can use small ones to disinfect your spa 20g chlorine tablets or the HTH Pastilles of 7g. The 20g tablets are SLOW dissolving, the HTH pastilles are fast dissolving.

There are also ALL IN kits from Aquafinesse that make sanitizing your spa very easy.

How can you treat the pH (acidity) of the water in the jacuzzi

With the Spa pH correction products can you correct the pH and alkalinity of the water.

The best products for jacuzzi spa cleaning

Cleaning the jacuzzi is easy with a pipe cleaner, you can clean a spa with our AQT Spa cleaner.

It is very important to prevent dirt, you can do this perfectly with the Aquafinesse spa cleaner

The filter cartridge is also a very handy and widely sold spa product

The flocculation of dirt in the water of the hot tub

We have several Spa flocculant products of which the Flovil spa and the Waterlilly are the most sold. The Flovil Spa is for in the cartridge filter, the water lilly floats on the water.

What are the most commonly used products for the jacuzzi

Chlorine tablets are by far the most commonly used products for sanitizing and treating your spa water. Other commonly sold chemicals are PH correction products for lowering or raising your pH value.