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Filter media for filling sand filters for swimming pool water filtration.

Filter media for swimming pool water filtration

Filter media are used for it filling up sand filters that purify the pool water. These sand filters are available in all sizes and diameters.

The diameter depends on the volume of the pool. The larger the pool, the larger the filter and the more sand that needs to be in the filter.

The height of the filter is determined by the application. For example, high filters are mandatory in public swimming pools.

Exactly how much filter material you need and in which granulate (size of the granules) is stated on the filter or can be found in the Technical Data Sheet of the filter.

What application does the filter material have.

In a sand filter for a swimming pool, filter products are applied in different layers to filter the water. For swimming pool water filtering is generally used filter sand.

    • In private swimming pools 1 single type of filter sand (the finest type 0.4 - 0.8mm).
    • In larger filters, a layer of filter gravel is first placed at the bottom of the filter.
    • In public swimming pools, a "multi-layer" filter is used. At the bottom pebbles (possibly 2 types of fineness), then the sand and as a top layer activated carbon or hydroanthracite.

The right filter material ensures crystal clear pool water

For filling your sand filter Always follow the manufacturer's advice. You can usually find a picture on the sand filter with the quantities and how best to fill your swimming pool filter. Courant is contained in a sand filter for private swimming pools containing 25 kg of gravel (silex) and 100 kg of sand (type 0.4 - 0.8 mm).

Filter glass the better alternative for sand in the sand filter

It has been for several years now filter glass the perfect alternative for filter sand as filling media.

    • You need less of the glass, on average 15% less filter material.
    • You do not have to replace the filter glass every 5 years, but it has one lifespan of 2 to 3 times the lifespan of filter sand.
    • By the way, AFM (active filter media) filter glass is an activated product that has a lot better filter properties has sand.

Which filter sand should you add to a high-bed filter?

Multi-layer filtering scheme

In public swimming pools or semi-public swimming pools in Hotels or Wellness centers high bed sand filters usage. These are filled with different filter media. The top layer is usually activated carbon or hydroanthracite.

The aim is to improve the physical filtration. By working with coarse and fine grains (sand or coal) the larger dirt particles will be stopped at the bottom. At the top of the sand filter the smaller dirt particles.

The larger granules at the bottom also ensure that the dirt is washed out of the sand much better during backwashing and the filter becomes clean again.