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The garden fireplace is the eye-catcher in the garden. Discover our many beautiful garden heaters here. Both in brown rust corten steel as lacquered in one black heat resistant powder coating. There is a wide choice of very simple, light models until sturdy top models which can be used in a pool house or eg in a holiday home.

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Where should I place the garden fireplace?

What is the ideal place for the garden heater?

What is the ideal place for the garden heater?

A standing fireplace fits both in the garden on a piece of paved, at the pool terrace or in it pool house or under it covered terrace always on a SOLID base. Make sure you're in a radius of 2 to 2.5m around the fire can take place. This is the seating area where you feel the heat well and it doesn't get too hot.

How far can you sit from a fireplace in the garden?

The ideal seating area around one garden fireplace with a size of 70x70cm is between 2 and 2.5m. At this sitting distance, the fire will not feel too hot, but will give just enough heat to feel it well.

Garden fireplace seating area

The main advantage of a garden fireplace is it ease of use. You can him easy to burn with wood, you posted it in the garden on a place optionally, there is good smoke extraction through the long flue. The garden heaters are also made of very durable materials such as steel, cast iron, terracotta, ceramic or a corten steel garden fireplace.

Are there also cons On a standing stove in the garden? Some models, especially in Corten steel very heavy. This makes them very robust and timeless, on the other hand, simply moving the stove is not always an option. Although some heavier models also sometimes have the option to place wheels underneath.

Installing a garden heater safely

How do I safely place a garden fireplace?

The distance when placing a garden fireplace in relation to a wall or combustible material in general is very important. Keep these points of attention in mind to reduce the risk of fire to a minimum.

  1. The distance from a garden heater to combustible material without a heat shield should be minimal  35cm are
  2. When installing a patio heater next to flammable material, but delimited of An heat shield is minimal 25cm.
  3. The installation of a wood-burning stove for the garden on a terrace, a wall or under a covered terrace next to a non-flammable wall may immediately there in return for are. Although we would prefer to place a heat shield in between as well.
Garden fireplace installation
Garden fireplace roof outlet

How do I safely place a roof terminal of a flue

The safety when placing one roof terminal on a flue of a garden fireplace paramount. Due to the heat developed, there is a risk of ignition when coming into contact with combustible material. Therefore, always use double-walled flues and respect the necessary distances as shown in the image above.

  1. Distance around the roof outlet that must be respected
  2. A distance of 20 cm must be kept between the bottom of the double-walled pipe and the ceiling
  3. A distance of 20 cm must also be kept between the bottom of the double-walled pipe and the combustible material
  4. Double-walled stove pipe in stainless steel
  5. Single hull flue D 154mm or flue pipe D 204mm depending on the fireplace

What do I put under a garden heater for a firm installation?

Our top models in the range of garden heaters weigh around 180 kg. So it is very important to set it on a solid and solid hard floor plate to place. It is therefore best to place it in the desired place in the garden a small floor plate provided with a stone, a few tiles or, for example, clinkers. This has the advantage that the wood-burning stove for the garden cannot sag, you can place it perfectly level and it also looks nice and clean.

You can also bake on some stoves, such as on the DAMM wood fire with griddle or e.g. the Whitefire. Placing these garden heaters level ensures that the to eat on the baking tray or on the BBQ grill does not slide away.

How hot does a garden fireplace get?

The fire in an outdoor stove fluctuates between 200 and 500°C. The single wall flue can be up to 300°C get hot, so do NOT let it come into contact with flammable material such as the wood of a covered terrace. Use a double-walled roof terminal for this. Usually one has stove outside due to the lack of door with window a higher efficiency and more heat.

The heat of the stove also depends on the wood and the amount of wood and the type of wood. The harder (e.g. beech) the longer it will burn and the warmer the temperature developed. Don't make the fire too hot by throwing too much firewood on the stove (so don't stuff it full) and light it up gradually by starting with kindling and firelighters to gradually add some more logs after 20-25min.

Substructure garden fireplace

Can you cook with a garden fireplace?

YES the nice thing about a garden stove is that you can cook with it in many models. This way you have garden fires that you can use grilling, a garden stove with a baking tray and even standing stoves with a Pizza oven. This has a triple application;

1. enjoy the fire game

2. the wonderful warmth of a fireplace in the garden and

3. cooking with the stove

The fireplace in the garden is a very nice experience for friends, family and neighbors.

Garden fireplace for cooking

Garden fireplace with baking tray

The DAMM wood fire has a baking tray. This will heat up to around 200 - 250°C, ideal for it baking and grilling of a steak, vegetables or, for example, a piece of salmon. On the outer edge you can let the fish or meat continue to hair.

Garden fireplace with grill

Garden fireplace with pizza oven