Sand filters

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Sand filters for pool water filtration.

The filter technology is the main component in swimming pool water treatment.

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What is the function of a sand filter for a swimming pool?

What is the function of a sand filter for a swimming pool?

A sand filter filters the pool water with sand (or filter glass) and ensures a good water purification of your pool. It sand filters out small dirt particles from the pool water. After the filter, the water of the swimming pool is usually disinfected and the acidity corrected.

Together with the circulation pump/filter pump, the filter forms the beating heart of your swimming pool installation.

Leaves and large objects in the pool are of course easily visible to the naked eye. But this is not the only pollution that can be found in a swimming pool. The sand filters are present for this dirt. The "major polluters" such as algae that develop quickly at high temperatures are carefree removed by a sand filter. Phosphates (which float in the environment) are also quickly removed.

How can I maintain the sand filter?

We recommend that you have your sand filter rinsed every week in "summer mode" and once every 2 weeks in "winter mode".

Why rinse (backwash)? This way you remove pressure on the filter and your filtration works much better. The dirt that floats above the sand goes into the sewer.

It is best to change sand and gravel every 5 years for a good result

How should I fill the sand in the filter?

All our (sand) filters that we offer can be used with the following filter media.

At the bottom we provide the filter with a coarser gravel to just above the lower distribution arm. This ensures an optimal water flow. At the top we supplement with the finest grain of sand to just below the upper distribution arm.

Filter glass has been on the rise in recent years. Instead of sand, we then provide the filter with this glass. Again with two different grit types.

Advantages of glass:

    • faster pool cleaning
    • less pressure on filter
    • less backwashing
    • cannot wear off like a grain of sand
    • limits tunneling

AFM - aactive Ffilter media is new and a further development of general filter glass. This filter glass with activated surface charge ensures the adsorption of small particles and micro-organisms.

Which sand and gravel should be in the swimming pool filter?

You first fill a sand filter bottom with gravel, then with sand (grain thickness 0.4 - 0.8). Small granules ensure that they would end up in the swimming pool.

What are the functions of the 6-way valve

  1. filter mode
    The pool water will pass through your pool filter to perform its primary function of 'filtering'.
  2. Rewind/Backwash
    This setting will clean your filter media (sand, glass or AFM) that is in the filter.
  3. Rinse/Rinse
    After backflushing, you can 'rinse' residual dirt that is in the pipes.
  4. Garbage/Waste
    Feeds the pool water directly to the drain. This can be used to lower the water level during renovation.
  5. Circulation
    Let the pool water circulate through the valve but not through the filter. Eg. to optimally mix a chlorine shock.
  6. Closed
    No circulation, the pump may not be used!
    To close the pool.

Which sand filter for my pool?

You can use the following criteria for sizing your filter:

  • Filters up to Ø 520 mm → for swimming pools up to 40m³
  • Filters up to Ø 640mm → for swimming pools up to 60m³
  • Filters up to Ø 720mm → for swimming pools up to 85m³
  • Filters up to Ø 900mm → for swimming pools up to 120m³