A designer shower in the garden is the eye-catcher in the garden or at the swimming pool. It rinse pool water under one refreshing garden shower can be delicious.

Showers for the pool house or the swimming pool

A shower at the pool or at the pool house ensures that less dirt, such as grass, ends up in the water. When you always take a short shower before swimming, the first dirt is always washed off your body. An outdoor shower is both useful for pool filtration and pleasant for the swimmer. If dirt does end up in the pool, a good one helps pool robot or a automatic pool water treatment of pool chlorine to keep water crystal clear.

We offer different types of outdoor showers, depending on your type of garden and pool house, you can go for a classic model TradeWinds, or opt for a design shower from Sea or from JEE O.

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What makes an outdoor shower exclusive?


New in our range is the AQT Outdoor Shower. This outdoor shower was designed by Tarantik & Egger and very easy to use and to install. This outdoor shower is available in different colors: black, white, yellow and pink. The advantage of this outdoor shower with garden hose connection is that you can easily store it during the winter months. With only 3 kg, it can be moved very quickly by anyone.

The connection is very simple, at the bottom of the shower is a garden hose coupling screwed. This makes connecting the garden hose very easy.

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Does showering help for hygiene in the pool?

By a good choice of the outside shower or  designer shower it matches perfectly with the swimming pool you have in the garden. You can use an outdoor shower before and after swimming.

This is ideal for getting rid of anything that can make your pool dirty just before swimming, as well as for getting used to the temperature. If dirt does get into the pool, you can clean the pool with one of our products pool robots.

After swimming, this is just as good for rinsing your body off chlorine or salt in the water.

Is the installation of a shower in the garden difficult?

There are several showers for the garden. The easiest outdoor showers to install are the GARDEN showers. These showers are movable and easy to connect. So you can take showers in the winter easy storage and frost damage. Connecting a shower for outside in the garden is done with one garden hose coupling. This means that you can connect the water with a garden hose.

The advantages of an easy-to-install garden shower:

    • mobile and mostly not heavy
    • easy to store in winter to prevent frost damage
    • to place anywhere, on the terrace, at the pool house in the garden
    • connection without tools immediately garden hose coupling
    • single cold water

Does a shower that install in the garden have hot water?

There are 2 types of garden showers that have hot water.

    • The outdoor shower where you connect hot and cold water, such as our AQT black outdoor shower or
    • a solar outdoor shower.
      • The advantage of an outdoor shower with hot and cold water is that you can use it like a shower in the bathroom, with a mixer tap.
      • The downside is that you need to protect this shower from frost damage.

In effect, this means that you shower must DISCONNECT in winter. This can sometimes be cumbersome.

Immediately solar shower connect only cold water on with one garden hose. The sun heats up the water in the shower tank. While showering, take a particle of warm water from this buffer tank into the shower to obtain lukewarm shower water.

There is another intermediate solution, for example with a premixer to work. This way you can send mixed water to the shower. This does have the disadvantage that you have to bring an insulated pipe from your pool house or home to the shower.