Spa baths

Spa baths

Discover our wide range of spa baths here. We made a distinction between build-up spa, inflatable spa and hot tub. You can find all necessary information with us. Do you still have questions or do you want advice?
Then don't hesitate Contact to record with us. Our employees are happy to assist you in advice as well as in the after-sales service. We also have all maintenance products or accessories for in and around the spa.
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What should you pay attention to when buying a spa or hot tub?

Can the spa be placed easily?

Can the spa be placed easily?

There are several options to enjoy blissful hot water.
Does your choice go to one inflatable spa? Then you go for budget-friendly luxury. But then you also choose flexibility. This means that the inflatable spa can be placed and moved very easily. Suppose you choose a position for the spa, but it turns out not to be the best place?
No problem, quickly empty and move that trade.

With a large luxury spa, a large weight is often added to a fixed power supply.
It is important that you are very sure of the position. Once placed you cannot move it quickly.

Seats or berths?

Not all places are equipped to lie down. Don't forget to consider this. It is best to ask the question what you are going to use the spa for. Rather to be cozy together? Then you better choose seats. Do you prefer relaxation and relaxation? The berths are then the best choice.

What is the power consumption of a spa bath?

There are many types and brands on the market. Not every similar type has the same power consumption. Your choice may also depend on the power source you use at home. Do you have solar panels lie? Then it can be interesting to choose a device with a higher power. If you do not have green electricity, you can opt for a somewhat more economical appliance.
Or you choose a hot tub that you can heat with wood, then you have no energy loss at all.

How many people is the spa for?

It is important to think carefully in advance for how many people you will use the spa. If you plan to use this only with your partner, then it is best to go for a small jacuzzi. Still, if you have friends over, there is a chance that you want to sit together in the warm spa. Then it is important that there is sufficient space and seats.

What options does the spa or hot tub have?

Think about what is important to you right now. Do you prefer cozy warmth without much hassle and power consumption? A simple one hot tub that heats wood-fired is ideal. Do you want music and relaxing lighting combined with massage jets and bubbles? Then go for one more extensive spa. Feel free to contact us for advice:

Is the spa isolated?

A spa is not always well insulated. This can result in heat loss, which means that the appliance will consume more energy. It can therefore be useful if sufficient insulation is present.

What are the best inflatable spas

We made a careful selection of the best brands that offer inflatable spas.
The Best Inflatable Spas of 2021:

  1. Intex Pure spa
  2. Net spa

Both brands also have a wide range of accessories and accessories.

Can I control my spa with my smartphone?

This is certainly possible with certain brands, including the Intex Pure Spa range.
Namely the greywood deluxe version and the jet & bubble deluxe. This way you can very easily operate the spa from a distance. Aren't you home yet? Then you can already have the spa heated. This will make it nice and warm when you get home.
You can also adjust the planned schedule remotely. In short, this system has maximum flexibility.

10 ways a spa improves your health

  1. Soaking in warm water for 20 minutes will help you fall asleep and get a deeper night's sleep. This was investigated by the national drag foundation.
  2. Small underwater workouts relieve the joints.
  3. Centuries ago, hot springs were already used as a therapy for pain or other injuries. With a spa you have easy access to this.
  4. A free massage whenever you want, for as long as you want.
  5. Proven method to relieve pain associated with arthritis, heavy legs, fibromyalgia and muscle pain.
  6. Keeping your body temperature high in a hot tub can help fight off viruses and colds.
  7. Stress relief becomes a daily ritual with a bubble bath.
  8. Lowered blood sugar and lowered blood pressure according to The New England Journal of Medicine.
  9. Your overall vitamin D intake increases over a year by exposing your body to more sunlight when using an outdoor spa.
  10. Bathing at a spa on a regular basis can help with weight loss and reduction cellulite.
Regular bathing in a hot tub is an ancient ritual that dates back to ancient Greece. For hundreds of years, people have used hot tubs to improve their lifestyle and improve their health

Now you can enjoy your own hot water source in your backyard under controlled conditions.