Prepare the swimming pool for winter

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Preparing your swimming pool for winter is best done with a winter net and wintering product

You can prepare your swimming pool for winter thanks to different types winter nets. These are equipped with pickets for the grass, with sleeves for natural stone and with fixing systems for wooden terraces.

This way you can hibernate your swimming pool and protect it against all dirt and UV.

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With winter fit you prevent algae growth in the swimming pool water during the winter

We also have in our shop winter fit. This is a winter product for swimming pool water. When you add winter product to the pool water this prevents lime formation, algae growth and other unpleasant surprises at the summer start-up of the swimming pool.

You add winter product to the swimming pool water in 2 phases.

  • The first time you add the winter product when you close the swimming pool after the swimming season. 
  • In February you add a second winter product

You can add it to the pool when you close it and then circulate it. After that you can winternet stretch over the pool to protect it from falling blisters, dirt and animals. The easiest way is to fasten the winter net with pickets or terrace mounting. This way you can easily loosen the winter cover in February.

In February you add the wintering product again. To do this, loosen the winter net and spread the product over the water surface. 


Protect your swimming pool against frost damage with the ICE guard.

With the IceGuard you protect the pool against frost damage. This system works with a digital thermostat and controls the circulation pump if the temperature drops below the set setpoint temperature. 

You measure the temperature in or on the circulation pipe. For example, when the temperature of the water drops below 5 °C, the Ice Guard will protect your swimming pool against freezing. circulation pump do work and filter.

Circulation prevents frost damage. Considering that the temperature underground is always around 10°C. If your heating works with a heat exchanger and for example a gas burner you can heat up the water a little bit. 

You can place a winter net over the pool water surface or over the roller shutter. You fasten this winter net with pickets, for example at the PVC network winter net or on the roller shutter itself, such as with us Initial Winternet

How to prevent blisters and animals in the pool : with the winter nets

What is a swimming pool winter net for?

A swimming pool winter net serves to protect the swimming pool water against dirt such as blisters from trees and animals. This ensures that your water does not get dirty and therefore turns green. In addition, this ensures a smooth start to the next swimming season. 

There are different kinds winter nets to protect the pool in winter. There are PVC winter baches, winter tarpaulins with stainless steel beams, but also winter nets in woven PVC. This winter protection will let the water through but stop the leaves and animals. It is also a light material that can be stretched very tightly but is also sturdy. These winter covers are available in different colours.

How do you attach the swimming pool winter net?

Winternet PVC network is a winter net that is stretched over the pool and the coping stone. So you serve this too anchor points around the pool to secure the winter net.

To fix the winter net to the anchor point, use pickets or tent pegs where you the sandow stretchers attaches to. You can record the winter net Initial with stainless steel springs.

An alternative to this system is Winternet Ivernea, you do not have to provide anchor points around the pool. You can do this type of winter net attach to your automatic roller shutter (with the exception of PVC solar slats) using the provided clips. The add-on edge of this type of winter net will also attach itself to the underside of the coping stone.

TIPS AND TRICKS to prepare your pool for winter

We have several tips and tricks that we give you: