Gas terrace heating

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The patio heating with gas is the oldest and best known heating system. You can use them privately, on the terrace of a catering business or, for example, in a party tent during a party. For a terrace heating it is best to use a 10kg gas bottle with Propane. Sunred has a standard gas connection with DIN coupling.

We also have safer and more economical alternatives;  design terrace heating with pellet and uprights with IR (infrared) terrace heating

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Frequently asked questions about gas patio heating.

Gas DIN connection

This is a simple headline

The heating device for the garden or terrace has a space where you can place a gas bottle. With the supplied snake you can connect the gas bottle to the patio heater. This connection happens with a screw thread with a seal that prevents leakage of gas.

SUNRED has one by default DIN gas connection. The gas is passed through a safety valve brought to the burner. This safety valve ensures a careful, eponymous dosing of the gas.

Of a push button will through a pilot light the flame can be lit in the patio burner. You can then make the flame larger or smaller with the control knob on the appliances.

For a terrace heating it is best to use a 10kg gas bottle with Propane. You can also use this type of gas at lower temperatures (down to -40°C).

All Sunred gas heating has a gas connection with DIN coupling. This way you can also use the gas patio heating during the winter.

An alternative gas is butane. This type of gas can also be used for patio heating, but only works above 0°C.

So you can use both Propane and Butane gas for gas heating for outdoors, for gas BBQ appliances or, for example, for a campfire.

Other applications :

  • gas barbeque
  • (small) camping fires
  • gas burners
  • etc...

TIP : We also have safer and more economical alternativesdesign terrace heating with pellet and uprights with IR (infrared) terrace heating

There are different types of propane gas for gas patio heating appliances. For example, you have the BIO Propane from Primagaz. The bottles come in different volumes and packaging :

  •  6 and XL 9.5kg gas bottles with propane for BBQ
  • 10.5kg propane bottles
  • Small butane gas cartridge of 0.8 - 1.8 and 2.75 kg

The most famous brand is Campingaz van Primagaz. An overview of their products can be found at their site.

A gas patio heating consumes 2.5€/h of propane gas.

At the maximum power of 14kW, a gas patio heater will be 1consume 4 kW or 1000 g/h. A Primagas propane gas of 10.5 kg costs around €25, which means for 1h of burning: 1h x 1000g/hx 0.0025€/g = 2.5€/h. 

TIP : Infrared heating only costs 0.5€/h electricity per hour. For catering terrace heating or intense consumption, you are therefore cheaper with an IR radiator. Discover our here infrared patio heating.

Gas burner installation

Use gas burner heating outside only

Use the gas burner to heat your terrace NOT INSIDE. This heating is suitable, for example, for a party tent, but make sure that there is adequate air circulation and there is nothing in the vicinity of the heating within a radius of 1m.

move the gas heating not at the time he in operation has been set. If the appliance works and you move it, the flame can go out and gas can escape without combustion.

SMELL you GAS close him immediately off.

You can use our gas patio heating

  • under one covered terrace
  • a good ventilated pool house
  • catering terrace
  • in a relieved party tent

There is a suitable gas patio heater for every application

The best gas heating for the catering industry

Gas heaters that combine design, warmth and a beautiful flame are the most suitable appliances for the hospitality industry.

The most suitable patio heating with gas for on a garden set

The Propus Lounge 11000 Watt is most suitable for a garden set or, for example, a lounge chair or a table. This is slightly lower and gives off the heat at body height.

The high terrace gas burner Sargas 14000 for a bar

The Sunred Sargas 14000 Watt is very suitable at a pool bar or a garden bar or, for example, in a party tent. This is higher and the hat ensures a good reflection of the heat downwards. This gas "mushroom" is therefore very suitable for party tables, in a party tent or, for example, at a bar in the garden.

How can I buy a gas patio heater?

You can buy a gas patio heater easily through our online store : Buy gas patio heating

Our gas patio heaters are very well packed and shipped with DPD. The assembly is usually very simple and you can do it yourself very easily. There are no special mounting requirements.

The materials for the burner bed finish are also included in the packaging with the design patio heating.

At the Cordoba gas fireplace are these the small brown lava stones.

On the burner bed of the Ibiza gas fireplace are these large lava stones.

And in the case of the design gas fireplace Malaga are these ceramic logs.

We do not charge any extra costs for sending these patio burners with gas. So you can buy the gas patio heating delivered to your home for free.

Is a patio heater with gas safe?

Yes patio heating with gas is safe due to the extra safety measures and the CE approval.

Compare this heating with gas with the gas BBQs or the deep fryers on propane or butane gas.

Tips and safety instructions for using gas cylinders.

  • place the gas cylinders always upright and do not lay them flat when you store them
  • use the gas patio heater always in well-ventilated areas
  • the gas heating is NOT suitable for indoor use or in enclosed spaces
  • close the gas bottle with propane or butane if you no longer use the patio heater and turned it off
  • as the gas terrace heating in use is, then DO NOT move them

The safety features on our patio heating appliances with gas

Malaga gas fireplace wheels

Safe wheels with brake

For the gas burners we have only selected appliances for which we can guarantee the safety.

For example, many of our devices have wheels. There is a brake on these wheels. This prevents the gas heating from rolling away, for example due to a strong gust of wind.

ADVICE : Always place the gas patio fireplace on a flat and hard surface.

Our gas burners have a tip-over protection

Our gas burners for heating a covered terrace, pool house or party tent have a tip-over protection. This protection ensures that the flame goes out when the appliance tilts more than 45°.

This safety ensures that the flame of the tipping heater cannot cause a fire.

In addition, this ensures that there is no risk of the flame going out, but the gas continues to escape with all possible consequences.

Gas patio heater tilt protection
Gas DIN connection

Safe gas supply

The supplied flexible and pressure valve are CE approved. This makes this flexible gas pipe heat resistant -20 to 80°C.

The gas valve has a standard DIN connection and a pressure regulator for the use of Propane and Butane gas.

Safety glass around the flame

Many of our gas patio heaters have around the flame safety glass. Because of this there is no "open flame".

This reduces the risk of fire if the heater is located near flammable materials. Always keep a distance of 2 meters between the gas heater and flammable materials.

At the Cordoba gas fireplace and the Ibiza gas fireplace is this all around on 4 sides. At the Bogo patio heating is this safety glass all around.

An additional safety is that children cannot touch the flame with their hands.

Gas patio heating safety glass