Swimming pool robot filters

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Filter bags, filter cartridges and filter baskets for the various swimming pool robots. We also have the filters in stock for every robot we offer.

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Swimming pool robot filters

We make it a point of honor to also provide the service and parts for our sold vehicles pool robots. You can buy all types of swimming pool robot filters from us.

Types of swimming pool robot filters

There are 3 types robotic filters:
Vortex filter basket
Vortex pool robot filter basket
Tiger shark filter cartridge
Tiger shark filter cartridge
Dolphin magic filter bag
Dolphin magic filter bag
To buy the right filter you need to know exactly which model your robot is. Zodiac's old robot filters are bags, some with a frame. This filter frame is stitched into the bag. The filters of the new Zodiac pool robots are baskets. The lid is not included with this filter. The old Dolphin filter are also filter bags. The most sold pool cleaner filter is the Dolphin Magic Filter Bag. The new range of Dolphin S robots have a filter basket, some with different filter layers. The Dolphin M pool robots all have a double dolphin filter cartridge. These Dolphin Filter cartridges are available in different grades COARSE and FINE. Finally, we have the filter cartridge for the Tigershark pool robot.

Do I have to rinse the filter bag or filter basket every time?

It is best to rinse a filter for an automatic swimming pool robot after every use. This maintenance ensures that:
  • your robot can brush at full power
  • better climb the wall
  • the filter life is longer
We know from experience that the filter bags can also be washed in the washing machine. The filters with a frame must enter the machine without a frame. Only the filter frame of the Zodiac Cybernaut NT is stitched into the filter bag. Do not wash it too hot, because then the frame will deform.

Can I place a filter with a different filter fineness in the swimming pool robot?

You can of course make the pool vacuum cleaner work better by installing a finer filter, for example. At eg the Dolphin Bio for swimming ponds different filter cartridges are included in the package as standard. But also eg in the Zodiac Vortex pool robots can you fit a finer filter basket.