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During a summer evening or later in the year during a late summer evening at the table in the pool house the right table lamp makes the moment magical. Especially when it's nice and warm with a terrace heating near.

Also during the winter, a nice table light can offer just that little bit more during a winter barbecue. The table lamp is an LED table light that replaces the candle of the past. These table lamps are dimmable, are wireless, usually have a remote control and seem to be due to the powerful battery burn endlessly.

A wireless LED table lamp you can use it in the pool house, at the pool bar, on your bedside table, as a desk lamp, to create atmosphere in your interior, etc….

Frequently asked questions about table lamps

Humble charger

The lamps with LED for the table serve approx 2 to 6 hours to charge, depending on the model, battery capacity and charging method.

You can charge the table light

    • immediately micro USB cable
    • wireless with one IQ wireless charging station
    • using solar panels such as ours Sunlight table lamp by Eva Solo
    • there are for the catering industry multichargers where you can charge 6 to 8 rechargeable table lamps at the same time.

The best battery table lamps are the Humble One and Humble Two table lighting. That table lamps burn up to 150h, you read it right! This rechargeable lamp for the table is certainly also the alternative to candles in the catering industry due to its beautiful design.

Usually the cheaper table lamps will shine for a lot less time. The more expensive the table lamp, the more powerful the battery and the longer the table lamps will last before you need to recharge them.

LED lighting is more energy efficient than conventional lighting because LEDs (light emitting diodes) a lot higher efficiency and therefore consume less energy.

  • They consume less electricity to the same brightness to produce.
  • A big difference with “ordinary” lamps is that LEDs, much less heat to give.

This is what goes less energy lost in the form of heat transfer.

In addition to a (much) lower electricity consumption, they are much more sustainable because they are sturdier and less sensitive to shocks, disturbances or vibrations. As a result, they last much, much longer and are therefore much more durable.

A table lamp with LED and battery therefore needs to be replaced much less quickly and lasts much longer.

International IP classes

Lamps with a IP class from IP54 to IP68 can be used outdoors. There is a internationally recognized designationg that makes it clear to you as a consumer whether an electrical appliance can be used outdoors, in a wet or dusty environment: THE IP CLASS. This classification consists of 3 parts :

    • IP = International Protection
    • 1st digit = the designation for protection against solid objects (eg sand)
    • 2nd digit = degree of protection against liquids

An IP class overview of the LED lamps with battery for outdoor use :

    • IP54 = protection against dust – protection against splashes
    • IP65 = dustproof – protection against water jets
    • IP68 = dust tight – protection against total immersion

Table lights with battery provide 100% ease of use. After all, no cord or extension cable is needed to have atmospheric light at the garden table or pool house table.

TIP : CHECK the IP class for LED lamps, usually the price is also a good indicator.

A table light with an IP68 classe means concretely that it is complete dust and waterproof is. So it is very well protected and can even be submerged in water.

This makes this table lamp very suitable for an outdoor environment.

  • Due to the IP68 class, these lamps are very safe. There is no risk of electrocution or short circuit.
  • In addition, they are also extremely reliable due to this very robust manufacture.

They can therefore even be used under very poor conditions. Examples of table lamps with IP68 class are ours Humble One Outdoor or the Weltevree Guidelight

Fully waterproof LED lamps with battery for the table are usually 2 to 3 times more expensive than an ordinary table lamp with cord and plug. If the lamp is 20 – 30 €, then you can be quite sure that it is not waterproof.

Manufacturing completely dustproof and waterproof requires a lot of effort, which is reflected in a higher quality and price. A fully waterproof LED table light ensures:

  • 100% ease of use (no cord)
  • higher quality due to strict standards (IP – International Protocol)
  • lower lifespan and higher quality
Imagilights remote control

How to operate a rechargeable outdoor LED table lamp depends on the specific model and product.

  • Many rechargeable outdoor LED table lamps come with a remote control
    • To turn the lamp on/off
    • Control the brightness
    • Different colors to choose
  • Some lamps also have buttons on the lamp yourself. In this way you can operate the lamp yourself.
  • Other lamps can also be controlled with a smartphone app such as ours Humble One Smart
  • You can also switch these models on/off with a smart assistant as  Google Home or Phillips Hue

The same goes for brightness, the colour, It candle effect, etc. All these functions are either available on the lamp with buttons, of the remote control, in the app or via a smart assistant.

Rechargeable table lamps with LED for outdoor use are often made of durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, polycarbonate (imitation glass) or thermoplastic materials. The reasons for using these materials are obvious :

  • their sustainable quality
  • the weather resistance of the material
  • stylish and classy look
  • the light weight of these materials.

There is stainless steel or aluminum used because it is rust resistant, this material can be used in many environments. These metals are also very popular because of the very robust and high-quality appearance. An example of table lamps in aluminum are the Imagilight Moment lamps or the Humble Two.

There is polycarbonate or other thermoplastics used because they are unbreakable, light weight, flexible in shape, their transparent look like plastic glass, etc. Moreover, lamps made in this plastic material are recyclable and therefore more sustainable.

These materials provide durability, a safe solution, light weight and exceptional weather resistance. As a result, the LED table lamp with battery for outdoor use lasts longer, it needs to be replaced less and you save energy and maintenance costs.

Since we are specialized in wireless LED lamps for the garden on the terrace or in the pool house we mainly sell wireless table LED lamps.

The cordless rechargeable table lamp in our range ensures 100% ease of use. Our table lamps are therefore 9 out of 10 wireless.

The lamps for garden tables, for the garden or on the terrace are also usually waterproof and resistant to wind and weather. You can also use these table lamps without cord indoors, eg in the pool house on the coffee table or eg as a lamp in the bedroom. Our design lamps certainly do not look out of place on the bedside table.

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