Waterproof speakers

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Waterproof outdoor speakers terrace in the garden, at the pool or in the pool house. Large range of portable waterproof design loudspeakers.

The convenience of waterproof speakers

Are you going out and would you like some great music for a nice atmosphere? portable speaker an ideal solution. The waterproof bluetooth boxes are THE ideal solution. They have a good battery with long service life. She can take a beating and are usually made especially for outdoors. Does it rain a drop or does it splash water from the outside shower or the splashing water of the swimming pool. No problem they are splash-proof IP55 or IP 65 (more info about the IP Classes)

It is handy that you can access these boxes stream through your smartphone. Some waterproof boxes even have an APP : Waterproof speakers with APP.

If you forget your speaker outside and there is a heavy thunderstorm at night, no problem for the splash-proof speakers.

The advantage is that you use this type of outdoor speakers can take with you everywhere. Think of the beach, on holidays or for example in the garden.

What can you use a portable waterproof speaker for?

The water-resistant boxes have many applications. Everyone immediately thinks of the FreeSpace from Bose widely known from the amusement parks or as a loudspeaker between the plants in the garden. Or the little gadgets from JBL, the JBL Charge and JBL Flip. However, there are many more beautiful ones design waterproof speakers for many different applications.

The different applications where you can take or use waterproof boxes:

  • catering, brasserie, café terrace
  • terrace in the garden, at the pool house or at a swimming pool
  • on the lounge chairs by the pool
  • in the pool house
  • in room with the students
  • quickly set up in a party room and quickly stowed away again
  • on the beach
  • at the fitness club
  • with the youth in the club room
  • etc...
Bose Freespace 51
soundtrack VG3
JBL Flip
Soundcast Outcast
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JBL Charge

Bose FreeSpace 51

Soundcast VG3

JBL Flip

 Soundcast Outcast

Escape P9

JBL Charge

Is a multifunctional speaker useful?

Manufacturers do everything they can to make their garden speakers as multifunctional as possible. The list of nice features is very long. We'll pick a few for you.

Luminous speakers

Luminous speakers

More and more loudspeakers for the terrace have a nice light function. The Art Sound Lighthouse is the most beautiful lantern speaker. Available in red and black. You can extend the top part and then you have a nice LED lamp. You can set this in white or color and even dim it. The music that comes out of this device is also phenomenal.

Outdoor boxes in stereo

The Escape P9 designer loudspeakers can you in no time pair. Your sound will then sound in stereo through 2 or portable terrace boxes. An ideal function for eg a catering terrace or eg at a pool house and at the swimming pool. With Artsound there is the handy KISS function where you hold 2 speakers against each other for 5 seconds and they are paired in no time. Soundcast also has that function on their range.

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Waterproof garden speakers as a power bank

Artsound developed the waterproof Lighthouse with a sturdy battery. There is a mini USB connection where you can connect your mobile phone to charge the battery. In this way you can use the waterproof Lighthouse from Artsound as a power bank. This way, streaming your music is not compromised by an empty Smartphone battery.

Does a Waterproof Escape P9 have an APP?

Escape won a lot with his P9 design prizes and awards, the list is very impressive (Awards Escape P9) . This handy APP function makes the outdoor loudspeaker that can withstand a splash, extremely suitable for a terrace of a café, a restaurant terrace or in a bistro. It can also be used, for example, at an event or at a trade fair stand. You can Escape P9 speaker remote control. Plus there's a handy one LOCK function Note that no one can turn off the device with the buttons, for example, or increase or decrease the volume. Super handy for the design enthusiast who wants just that little bit more.

What is a waterproof speaker?

A water-resistant speaker is a box in the IP class IP55 (dust resistant and  splash-proof) or IP65 (complete dustproof and splash-proof) sit. The speaker is usually made of sturdy and UV resistant plastic which makes it very robust. Waterproof speakers are manufactured for use in the garden, on a terrace, on a boat, at the swimming pool or for events or catering applications. These boxes are wireless and work with one rechargeable battery with long service life.

Most known brands of waterproof boxes