Skimmer baskets

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Large assortment of replacement skimmer baskets

Skimmer baskets for it collecting floating debris in a swimming pool. Large assortment of replacement skimmer filters.

What are skimmer baskets?

What are skimmer baskets?

Each skimmer is equipped with a skimmer basket. This is the first filter of the entire filter installation. You can easily remove and clean this. This will mainly collect the coarse dirt that floats on the water surface, such as leaves and insects.

How do I clean the skimmer basket?

It is best to do a visual inspection regularly, especially during seasonal changes, it is good to remove the leaves from the filter basket in good time. It is best to pour the collection of dirt into a garbage bag or compost bin. Then rinse off the fine particles with a garden hose and then you can replace the skimmer basket.

What is the point of a basket in the skimmer?

  • Hold back largest floating debris: leaves, insects, toys.
  • Can be used to dissolve chemicals, e.g. chlorine tablet or flocculant
  • You can also connect a manual cleaner to it by removing the skimmer basket