Spa flocculant

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Spa flocculant is a product to make clear water crystal clear. This product “flocculates” all small suspended particles in your water. These tiny particles make your water look cloudy or milky.
It is very important that you do not exceed the prescribed proportions to avoid destabilization of the water.

Floc for making your spa water crystal clear

Flocculant or also called "flocculant" ensures that invisible dirt particles stick together. This allows larger particles to be stopped by the filter cartridges.

What types of spa flocculant are there?

What types of spa flocculant are there?

There are 2 commonly used types. Liquid and tablet form.
The tablets that you can leave in the skimmer are the easiest to dose. The liquid products are more powerful and achieve faster results.

How does coagulation (flocculation) work?

When flocculating impurities in the water, aluminum-based flocculants are added. This can be in powder, liquid or tablets.

With powder and liquid flake product you get flakes in the pool itself. You must let these flakes settle to the bottom. Then you can vacuum very carefully.

SIMPLER is it possible to work with tablets in the skimmer. With flake tablets you get flakes on the filter. Afterwards you only have to clean the filter thoroughly until the dirt is gone. A much easier way to make your water clear again. There are various Products to speed up the cleaning of your filter cartridge.

Coagulation - flocculation

Do you now need chlorine or flocculant to keep the water clear?

For the maintained and disinfected, In other words; free from bacteria and viruses, you have chlorine  necessary. For the make clear of the water you have flocculant needed in tablets or in liquid form. You can easily place the flocculant in tablets in the skimmer.