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Spa cleaning products for the maintenance of your spa. You can contact us for a very wide range of maintenance products for spas.

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Spa cleaning products for maintaining your spa

It is best to use a spa cleaning product to maintain and keep your spa clean.

Products for cleaning your spa, an overview.

There are several types of spa cleaning products:

These are just about the most important and most common spa problems you can encounter.

Dirty swimming pool board

How does the edge cleaner (HTH Borklergel) work?

The edge cleaner from HTH is a special product that we would like to explain in more detail. The product is very efficient and will have a descaling and degreasing effect. This is exceptional because you need an acid component for descaling and a soda (alkaline component) for degreasing. This is of course impossible, but still HTH succeeded in their Borkler gel both degreasing and descaling properties.

Apply the pool cleaner with a brush with handle. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

You can repeat this procedure if necessary. The PVC foil, polyester or mosaic will look radiant again.

More information about how to clean your pool edge can be found here.