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Automatic dosing systems make it easy to keep your crystal clear pool water clear.

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Automatic pool water treatment systems.

An automatic dosing system is the best investment for simply keeping your swimming pool water clear and pure.

Install yourself or have it installed?

Install yourself or have it installed?

There are simple systems like the Chlorine dispenser and the Hayward salt and swim which are very easy to install and not expensive.

After placing the chlorinator, fill it up with 10 Chlorine tablets 200g and with a regulator you can regulate the supply of chlorine in the pool.

If you are handy, you can also use the Hanna Pool Security places yourself, this system will automatically liquid chlorine and liquid pH min dosing. As a result, the water quality is always perfect. The professional systems with level measurement and special injectors are better installed by a specialist. 

Installation chlorinator

Is there a lot of maintenance on a dosing system?

A flower such as the chlorinator  require little to no maintenance.

It is best to have the professional dosing systems inspected and calibrated annually. It is extremely important for safety, hygiene and for the life of the equipment that the pH and chlorine probe measures the correct reading. All measuring probes can also be purchased from us, many of those more expensive electrodes can be replaced by a standard cheaper probe.

4 parts need special attention : 

  • the suction filter or suction lance + the suction pipe
  • the peristaltic tube or parts of the pump itself
  • injectors and the dosing line
  • the measuring probes

Do you use more or less pool products with a dosing system?

Immediately automatic dosing system you will use less products and it will therefore cost less to keep the pool water clear and pure. Although the difference will be minimal and certainly not the main reason to automate the water treatment of your swimming pool. The main reason is the ease of use and the crystal clear and hygienically pure water.

Take into account a consumption of 5 - 7 buses liquid chlorine and 1 to 2 cans of liquid pH min for 1 summer season of a outdoor pool of about 50m³

Dosing systems for private or public?

We offer both dosing systems for private if public swimming pools. Dosing systems for private use measure RX (redox). This measurement value is a good indication of the disinfection, but slightly less accurate. For public swimming pools it is mandatory to use dosing systems that measure FREE chlorine. These dosing systems measure with a different method/measuring probe.


Automatic water treatment without further ado

Technology does not stand still, automatic water treatments have also undergone a real revolution over the years. BUT perhaps an application is not a must for you and you mainly want an easy system to install.

Be sure to check out the following alternatives:

Automatic water treatment & control box

The new automatic pool water treatment systems do more than just treat the water. There are different variations of the sugar valley cabinets each time through one APP can be read and offer numerous options for control.

→ Available at all times via the application - vistapool

→ Control of a variable speed pump

→ Controlling the filter times

→ operating lamps

→ temperature measurement

→ additional relays: e.g. backwash function, fountain,...