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Floc, flocculant or also coagulant, swimming pool flocculant for making your swimming pool water crystal clear.

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Floc for making your pool water crystal clear

Flocculant or also called flocculant ensures that invisible dirt particles stick together to form larger particles that are stopped by the sand filter.

What types of pool flocculant are there?

There are 4 types of floc. The best known are the "flake stockings" or also Flocfix cartridges named. You place these bags or stockings in the skimmer basket. The product gradually dissolves and forms flakes that are filtered out on the sand filter.

Coagulation - flocculation

How does coagulation (flocculation) work?

When flocculating impurities in swimming pool water, aluminum-based flocculants are added. This can be in powder, stockings, liquid or tablets.

With powder and liquid flake product you get flakes in the pool itself. You must let these flakes settle to the bottom. You can then vacuum very carefully, with the 6-way tap in the "sewage" position. This way you will suddenly get rid of the impurities. If your 6-way tap is set to filter, you will quickly get through and the flakes will return to the pool.

SIMPLER is it with tablets or stockings like Flovil, Flovil Shock or Superfloc cartridges. With flake tablets and cartridges or pads you get flakes on the filter. Afterwards you only have to backwash the sand filter and the dirt is gone. A much simpler way to make your swimming pool water clear again. Backwash after about 2 days.

READING TIP : Make and keep green pool water clear, all TIPS & ADVICE.

Liquid coagulant for public swimming pools.

In public or semi-public swimming pools as in hotels or wellness centers, liquid flocculants are used. This PAC (PolyAluminiumChloride) is dosed with a dosing pump, directly in the pipe BEFORE the sand filter.

These flocculants then ensure that dissolved and small dirt particles stick together. As a result, these dirt particles remain better on the sand filter.

Some coagulants will also lower the bound chlorine. This is important because the VLAREM II legislation imposes an upper limit of 0.5 ppm in public swimming pools.

Do you now need chlorine or flocculant to keep the pool water clear?

For the maintained and disinfected, In other words; free from bacteria and viruses, you have chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine necessary. For the make clear of the water you have flocculant needed in tablets or in liquid form. You can easily place the flocculant in tablets or stockings in the skimmer basket.

Of the 200g chlorine tablets, place 1 tablet for 40m³ of water per week in the skimmer basket. The flake tablets are sufficient if they are added once every 14 days.