dosing pumps

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Dosing pumps from Siemens, Iwaki and others for automatic dosing of chlorine, acid or flocculant.

Dosing pumps for dosing chlorine, acid and flocculant

Dosing pumps are used in public, hotels & wellness, but also in private homes for the automatic dosing of Chlorine, Acid and flocculant in swimming pool water.

What type of dosing pumps are there?

For automatic swimming pool water treatment, mainly 2 types of dosing pumps are used
  • Peristaltic or hose pumps
  • Membrane pumps
The most well-known brands of swimming pool dosing pumps that are widely used in public swimming pools are the dosing pumps from Iwaki and Prominent.

What are dosing pumps used for?

Stand-alone dosing pumps

You can operate these dosing pumps based on time, in combination with an automatic water treatment that gives an impulse.

metering pumps

This type of dosing pump will administer pH or Chlorine based on a measurement. These are systems in combination with a probe. This measurement will determine how much chlorine or pH the pump should deliver.

which dosing pumps are used in an automatic water treatment

The next step is a system that measures both pH and chlorine and will dose liquid chlorine and pH on the basis of this. These are automatic water treatments without further ado.

Does a dosing pump require a lot of maintenance?

It is best to replace the peristaltic tube in the peristaltic pump annually to ensure proper operation. These can be found under parts list.

How does a dosing pump work

Every dosing pump has the same principle. Pumping up chemicals (liquid chlorine, liquid pH, liquid flocculant) using a suction pipe in the water bottle. The peristaltic pump will pump this up and push it through the return line to the injection point. The chemicals will be injected into the pipeline via this injection point.