Auto. water treatment

Automatic swimming pool water treatment systems based on chlorine and acid dosing, salt electrolysis systems for small and large private swimming pools and indoor swimming pools. Also simple flow-through systems (chlorinator).

Automatic pool water treatment systems

These automatic swimming pool water treatment systems provide great ease of use. Open your pool and swim, without having to worry about the water quality of your pool. There are simple flow-through dosing systems for around €160 and we also offer professional dosing systems for public swimming pools.

Automatic chlorine and acid dosing

The most installed swimming pool water treatment systems, dosing via dosing pumps automatic chlorine (liquid chlorine - chlorstabili) and liquid pH minus (sulphuric acid). There is already a good and reliable system from HANNA from € 1600. We also have professional dosing systems for public swimming pools. The cheaper systems measure the RX (redox value) the systems for public water treatment measure free chlorine READING TIP : The convenience of an automatic pool water treatment

SALT electrolysis

A lot of work is done in private swimming pools salt electrolysis because of the ease of use and the lack of risk with dangerous swimming pool products (chloro - acid). Salt electrolysis is a water treatment system for swimming pools that is gentler on the skin and does not cause an unpleasant chlorine smell.

Nature 2 mineral water treatment

The Zodiac Nature 2 pool water treatment is ideal for smaller pools, aboveground pools or inground pools. This mineral water treatment is the first step in the automation of the water treatment of the swimming pool. The Nature 2 ensures lower chlorine consumption and provides extra pleasant swimming pool water.

Parts for water treatment

Buy all parts for the automatic swimming pool water treatment systems through our shop. Chlorine and acid injectors, the dosing hose, parts for the dosing pumps or suction lances with level measurement.

Why automatic water treatment?

  • Automatic adjustment of the most important water parameters
  • Eliminates some of the worries
  • Ideal chlorine and pH value, no irritations or odor nuisance
  • Constant pH & Chlorine value, no fluctuations
  • Measurement can be read directly, no fiddling with test strips
  • The only concern is to replace the water bottle in time


For every type of automatic water treatment there are elements that require maintenance. It is mainly important to do a timely visual inspection of your filter and water treatment installation. Are the displayed values (mainly pH & Redox/chlorine) still correct? If the values deviate far from the target value, it is best to first check whether the bottles still contain liquid chemicals. If these are empty, replace with another bottle. For salt electrolysis or hydrolysis, too low a chlorine/redox level may indicate a shortage of salt in the water or deposits on the cell. After 3 to 5 years, the cell may also have reached its number of burning hours and you should replace it. With these electrolysis/hydrolysis systems it is recommended to at least Check the cell once a year. If it has tarnished, you need to clean it. If both the bottles are completely full and the cause cannot be found at the cell (hydrolysis/electrolysis water treatment) then it is best to check the measuring probes of your system. During a standard start-up/maintenance, the probes check and calibrate. If the values deviate too much from the calibration, this indicates that the probe needs to be replaced. The average life of a probe is 1 to 2 pool seasons. Furthermore, most automatic dosing systems contain a few wear parts that require annual inspection and, if necessary, must be replaced annually. e.g. injectors, peristaltic hose or rotor. Injectors can crystallize so that the chemicals can no longer reach the pipe. Moving parts such as the peristaltic tubes and the rotor are prone to tearing. This eliminates the peristaltic effect, so that no more chlorine or pH will be sucked up from the bottle.