Soundcast – Artsound – Escape P9

Wireless poolside music. With the systems of sound cast and Artsound is it possible to play music without plug or wire connection. Most outdoor speakers are also splash-proof.

NEW in the range is the beautiful outdoor speaker Escape P9. It recently won the “European Product Design Award”.

Which music speakers are suitable for the garden

which Brands of wireless music speakers for the garden are there

The best performing music speakers for the garden are made by: Soundcast, Artsound and Escape P9 At the pool it is very handy to have a speaker that wireless is and waterproof is. Some manufacturers have specifically focused on this sector. These are the speakers that you can buy from us. With the systems of sound cast , Escape and Artsound is it possible to play music without plug or wire connection. Most outdoor speakers are too splash-proof. NEW in the range is the beautiful outdoor speaker Escape P9. It recently won the European Product Design Award.

Which boxes are suitable for music in the garden

There are 3 types of speakers suitable for use in the garden or the pool house.
  • outdoor speakers
  • waterproof speakers
  • bluetooth speakers

Outdoor speakers - music boxes especially for outside

outdoor speakers became specially developed for outdoor use in the garden on the terrace as a terrace speaker or on a boat for example. Characteristic are their water resistance, UV and weather resistance, they have a handle to easily move the box. They have a battery because in the garden or on the terrace there is not always a socket nearby. You can stream music to the speaker via Bluetooth. Some boxes are not specially designed for outdoor use, but are very useful for that, such as the multifunctional LED speakers from Nordic D Luxx. Well-known brands are Soundcast, Escape and Artsound

Waterproof speakers - rain and water resistant outdoor speakers

The waterproof speakers (IP64 or IP67 class) of sound cast are best known to us (in addition to the well-known brands - Bose, Bang & Olufsen, JBL who usually developed smaller speakers). Characteristic of this brand is the specialization in this specific branch, namely: waterproof boxes. They are equipped with a sturdy battery with a long life, portable, music streaming via Bluetooth, have a power of up to 120 Watt, waterproof, UV and weather resistant. They are ideal for use in the garden swimming pool, in the pool house or near the spa baths..

Bluetooth speakers - stream music via smartphone or tablet

The most famous bluetooth speakers are the small speakers from JBL, Bose, Sonos. The youth love them and they are small powerhouse speakers with an amazing sound. We have 2 Bluetooth speaker top models in our catalogue : Well actually be ALL our outdoor speakers, waterproof speakers boxes with Bluetooth for streaming your music. The most original and cool speakers are the LED lamp speakers Nikki Amsterdam or Noridc D Luxx. The music is not spectacular, but they are very nice outdoor speakers.

Are music boxes for the garden powerful enough?

The question we get a lot is whether these speakers are powerful enough. Everyone immediately thinks of JBL's small portable speakers when they think of an outdoor loudspeaker. The brands Soundcast, Escape and Artsound brought POWERFUL outdoor music boxes on the market, with battery and waterproof. The strength of them outdoor speakers goes around and around 30 Watts to the 120 watts strong Soundcast VG7 We can therefore conclude that there are indeed VERY powerful outdoor music boxes for the garden.

Soundcast : ultimate sound quality in a portable format

Soundcast VG series In our opinion, the best sounding wireless all-weather speakers are from sound cast. The musical addition (read musical must) to your BBQ party or outdoor party, on your boat or on the beach. The Soundcast wireless all-weather speakers give your party the musicality it deserves. The Soundcast speakers have a large woofer at the bottom for extra full bass and bass sound. At the top of the device are speakers in all directions. This makes the sound very warm and full. The boxes are robust in design and they can take a beating and a rain shower! The soundcast speakers play approx. 10-15 hours on 1 battery charge. Streaming music is easy thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology. APTX and AAC are standard with Soundcast!

How long does a wireless garden speaker with battery play?

Usually a speaker with battery plays between the 10 - 15h depending on noise level. Do you use the outdoor speaker for background music the battery life will be more like 20h. Get everything out of the closet for a solid pool party or party in the pool house? Then you have to calculate that you can stream music for about 8 hours with your outdoor box. READING TIP : 5 Pool party must-haves.

How long does it take to charge an outdoor speaker?

For the to upload of a waterproof outer box you have to count on for the garden an average charging time between 5 and 6h to fully recharge the battery. You can also use the speaker while it is charging. Like all other electrical devices, the devices can continue to be used while charging. The special one Lithium batteries have a charging cycle of 2000 times. Basically they are indestructible in reality. The quality of the battery deteriorates over the years. Although this is also much less of a problem with the new generation of lithium batteries than in the early 2000s.

Artsound : top quality portable speakers

Artsound lighthouse 05 Artsound is one Belgian manufacturer and has a lot of cool outdoor speakers. The umbrella organization is also a distributor of JBL, so Artsound is well informed and the loudspeakers with battery are the equivalent in quality and price. Characteristic of the Artsound speakers are their impressive stereo sound in always a cool and original speaker. The idea was to bring emotions and create a nice atmosphere everywhere. That's why Artsound has designed a multifunctional, portable, luminous and resistant speaker with a powerful sound. TIP discover them here PWR05 STUBRU #wewanttodanceagain

Most high-quality outdoor design speaker: Escape P9

Escape P9

The P9 stands for a contemporary timeless look thanks to the use of durable and luxurious materials. Both discreet and very decorative, it fits perfectly with all interior and exterior styles. The stylish grille is made of a durable multi-filament polyester yarn with a soft appearance for a natural material effect. Elegant one-piece cast and powder-coated aluminum handle with matching extruded moldings. The Escape boxes have ALL functions : Sturdy powerful speakers :
  • 100 watts strong amplifier
  • large woofer and speakers in all directions for one warm deep sound
  • until 16h playing time
  • TWIN function for stereo effect
  • APP service
  • waterproof
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Bluetooth connection with smartphone
These boxes are very regularly sold for speakers on the terrace of a restaurant, cafe or, for example, in the rental for events and (small) parties.

"one speaker - multiple audio inputs - accompanying app"

What music can I listen to with an outdoor speaker?

You can via BLUETOOTH all kinds of music and channels  through your smartphone and tablet stream. This means concrete music from iTunes, Deezer, Apple music, Soundcloud, Spotify and all other digital music platforms. You can also play digital radios via Bluetooth, such as Q music, STUBRU or MNM, on your outdoor or Bluetooth speaker. So you can actually listen to anything you want on these speakers. It's also incredibly simple. The bluetooth connection is very fast and easy. Connecting is usually automatic. Every time you come close to the speaker, it reconnects. The disadvantage is that you have to stay within a radius of 15 - 20 m from the speaker with your smartphone or tablet.