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Energy efficient pool pumps

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Energy efficient variable speed pool pumps are a great investment. It ensures drastic savings in consumption and much quieter operation.

3 decisive advantages of a VS pool pump

a VS (variable speed) pool pump consumes drastically less electricity

  • the payback period of your investment in an energy-efficient multi-speed swimming pool pump is only 2 - 3 years.
  • in absolute value the saving is quickly 500€

It noise level of the pump drops drastically

  • this makes these filter pumps ideal to place, for example, in a basement of a house or, for example, in the pool house, without noise nuisance
  • the noise level drops by about 20 - 25dB (standard pump = approx. 65dB - US pool pump = approx. 45dB)

the longer circulation time ensures a better pool water treatment

  • longer filter times ensure more stable water quality
  • slower filtration = better filtration

How much can you save with a variable speed pump?

Saving energy-efficient pool pumps
Savings with BADU 90 VS

At the swimming pool fair INTERBAD in Stuttgart we were able to see different test setups from the manufacturers. You can see from the above simulation that the savings can be up to €600 per year. This ensures that the investment in an energy-efficient swimming pool pump is usually after 2.5J is earned back.

Energy-efficient swimming pool pumps - a considerable saving

A swimming pool pump with a variable speed will provide significant savings on your energy bill. Why is this now? These economical pool filter pumps work at a lower Frequency eg 25Hz (instead of 50Hz). This ensures that the flow rate also drops by half.

--> So, for example, a pump of 22m³/h will then circulate another 11m³/h.

--> However, consumption will not be halved, but will only be about 1/4. 

Electricity consumption therefore drops exponentially.

Frequently asked questions about energy-efficient frequency-controlled swimming pool pumps

Yes, make the pool pumps with adjustable speed much less noise. A standard pool filter pump quickly makes 60 - 65dB. However, by lowering the frequency of the pump, the swimming pool pump works slower and, above all, quieter. 

An energy-efficient swimming pool pump makes an average of 40 - 45dB, which is 20dB less noise. This makes this type of pool pump very suitable for indoor installation, eg in the basement or garage.

You will no longer experience noise nuisance with this type of economical circulation pump

Manufacturers have taken into account that your current pump VERY EASY to replace can be done by the new variant with variable speed. Common swimming pool pumps from the brand Speck, Hayward, Kripsol, etc. can be replaced with the same model but with a VS pump without additional adjustments to your PVC pipes. Is your pool on renovation do you? Then that is THE ideal moment to replace your standard pool pump with an energy efficient pool pump.

There are 2 main reasons why water treatment is better with a variable speed pump.

  1. the filter time is half more e.g. now 8h --> VS pump 12h
  2. the flow rate is lower, so the pool water becomes filtered slower = better

The slower the "flow rate" in the sand filter of the filter installation, the better the pool water will be filtered. Additionally (if you are using a automatic pool water treatment) your swimming pool water can be checked and disinfected over a longer period of time (pH and chlorine value are continuously regulated).

  • in the case of a flow measurement in a heat pump, it may sometimes be that the reduced flow rate disturbs this
  • with a water treatment, adjusting the values will be "slower", so adjust the dosing speed of your dosing pumps

You can easily solve these 2 points by increasing the speed at certain intervals or, for example, if the pH, Chlorine or Temperature differs, by letting the pump run at full power. MORE INFO or a PRICE OFFER? Contact us.