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Our wonderful range table lamps are a perfect match in your pool house, on bistro tables, on the pool house table or as a garden table lamp. If you would like more information about everything related to table lamps, find at the bottom of this page : overview info table lamps

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There are a lot of lamps for on the table or mood lamps with battery. In our webshop you can easily find all the features or extras and find your ideal table lighting. Several styles are offered, including RGB bulbs and regular white bulbs. Also lighting with a speaker or APP operation are possible. Do you want a modern look or rather a classic look? Everything is possible.

Imagelights offers a very wide range mood lamps including the collection Djobie which has an imitation glass look. The Moments rechargeable LED lamp collection has a sharp modern style with clean lines and earthy colors.

Are you still unsure which table lamp fits in your interior? Feel free to come and take a look at our Lifestyle concept store, here you can view different models.

TIP : We collected all information and FAQs about table lamps on this page.

Why do rechargeable outdoor LED table lamps fit into many garden designs?

Humble one outdoor water resistant

Since the table lamps with LED and battery are a fairly recent development, they are many young and dynamic brands engaged in product development. This gives you a lot of stylish rechargeable design table lamp with LED.

Well-known brands that offer iconic and stylish lamps are:

All these brands have beautiful LED lamps that fit into any garden design. From very modern to wonderfully classic table LED lamps.

We have quite a lot designer table lamps and lighting. The most famous design table LED lamp is the Fatboy Edison Petit. You have all kinds of fun, playful and original and stylish caps for the Cooper Cappies.

Ours too Imagilights Plisee Glitter table lamp is a beautifully designed table lamp that beautifully combines atmosphere and design. It is our most sold rechargeable table LED lamp.