Garden lamps

Garden lamps for inside & outside on the pool terrace. Waterproof design lamps with battery & multifunctional with speaker or beautiful torches with fire or LED.

Garden lamps provide an attractive interior

Atmospheric garden lamps for the garden table or on the lounger by the pool. Most LED lights for the garden are waterproof, have a beautiful or original design and are with battery. Characteristic of the LED lamps is that they usually have multifunctional properties. For example, there are with a speaker or they can be used as a flower pot or ice bucket, for example. We also see a trend towards fire and torches in the garden. Also discover the garden torches and Finnish & Swedish tree trunk torches here.

Which garden lamps are there?

What different garden lamps are there?

You can buy garden lamps from 4 categories from us, we divided the garden lamps with LED

Nordic D'Luxx made a nice multifunctional flower pot LED lighting for the terrace. Also as ice bucket can this LED lighting serve. This keeps the champagne or rosé wine wonderfully fresh. At the bottom of this patio lighting is a small speaker and you can operate it with a GSM APP.

Iconic Fatboy design garden lamps

The Edison The Petit is, in our opinion, the most iconic lamp for the garden table or on the side table on the sun lounger. In addition to many other brands, Fatboy is 1 of our TOP brands that we sell in our swimming pool store. Feel free to visit us in Waregem to view our various LED lighting for the garden. Meanwhile, we have a lot of beautiful design lighting for the garden table, on the terrace or in the pool house.

Atmospheric lighting for on the water in the swimming pool or as garden lamps in a tree

It started for us with the mood lighting from Imagilight that could be used on the water. Many variants of this waterproof lighting have now been made. Recently we added some really cool and fun lighting for the water to our range: the Duck Duck XL. This gigantic rubber duck LED lighting is a nice eye-catcher. The lighting in the shape of a boat is also designed by the designers from Liverpool. A lot of mood lighting is also very nice for the garden as a garden lamp. I'm just thinking about the Made In Belgium LED lamps from Tradewinds.

Large and small patio lighting with battery

Both the small lighting from Fatboy and the large LED lighting for the terrace are now battery operated. With a charger you can charge them in 2 to 3 hours and they give up to 12 hours. Because the lights for the garden or on the terrace are battery-operated, you can also hang them in a tree, for example. You can use some LED lighting as terrace LED lighting as a seat or terrace lighting as a side table.

An attractive garden table with our table lighting

Our table lamp is the best selling garden lamp. Both for a garden table in a private garden or in the hospitality industry, restaurants and cafes, more LED table lamps are used that replace the candles. Imagilight is the reference for beautiful design table lighting. The Imagilight table LED lighting is used in many renowned restaurants. But Humble from the Netherlands also makes beautiful table lighting:

In your pool house you can also sit on the dining table or as pool bar decor use these attractive table lamps.

How to create a festive atmosphere in the garden with barbed cables

You can create a festive atmosphere in the garden with a pricking cable LED lamp garland. Do you want a romantic atmosphere, then choose the Warm White LED lamps. Rather looking for one pool party atmosphere, then choose a prong cord with the color LED lamps

The puncture cables can be linked and you can make the string of lights as long as you wish. Our string lights are ideal for a catering terrace, if lighting for a party in a tent, for mood lighting on the terrace at the pool or in the pool house or e.g at a Christmas market.

Fire torches the romantic alternative to LED lamps

An alternative to the garden lamp with LED are the Swedish torches or other types garden fire lighting. The small candle in a bowl with a thick wick is widely known. But how about one tree trunk torch? If it more authentic and cozier may be these torches are the fun and original alternative to the LED lamps.

The torches with fire have some advantages

  • The torches are original and authentic
  • Consuming fire torches no electricity
  • The fire gives light AND HEAT
  • Swedish tree trunk torches are many cheaper than LED lamps