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Salt meters to measure the salinity EC in your water. EC stands for electrical conductivity or conductivity. This is expressed in MS/cm. You can also measure the TDS, total dissolved solids expressed in PPT or (g/l).

Salt meters

Salinity meters to measure the salinity EC/TDS in your water.

What does the abbreviation EC stand for?

This stands for the conductivity in the water or electrical conductivity. Expressed in mS/cm.

Why do you need to measure EC in water?

When you measure the EC value of the water, you get an idea of the number of particles in the water. Including the salts present in the water. The more salts there are in the water, the higher the EC value will be.

What does TDS stand for?

The TDS value of the water consists of the total number of dissolved substances.
This is the translation of totally dissolved solids. We express this in PPT or g/L.
This way you can determine electronically how many salts are present in the water.

Measuring TDS is the easiest way to determine the salt content in the water. And is an alternative to the classic salt test strips.


All our salt meters also measure the temperature of the water digitally. This means you don't need an analog temperature gauge.