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Since the corona crisis, the importance of the garden as an extension of the home has become extremely important. All over the world, designers put their talent to use garden lamps, garden furniture with weather-resistant textile and beautifully beautiful and functional garden accessories design and make it look just as beautiful and cozy outside as it does inside the house.  At ZEE® they like to go one step further and we also focus on the details.

The garden hose is probably the most common garden tool. We use it to water the vegetables and flowers, as a connection for the garden shower, to swimming pool filling, washing the car, spraying mud from our MTB or filling water balloons. In addition to the functional applications, the garden hose also provides super fun moments in the summer. To date, there are not many brands that pay attention to the design. We also have the brand Tradewinds who has designed some beautiful garden hoses. At ZEE® they were of the opinion that there had to be a change. Their choice for UNICOLOUR designs, they have succeeded in designing beautiful design garden hoses. This way you can also decorate your outdoor space with beautiful and functional garden accessories.