Preparing the swimming pool for the first spring sun

Prepare the swimming pool

Your prepare the pool for the first spring sun you do best in March. We have all tips and advice collected in a clear blog. Read here how you can best proceed and discover all our tips. For example, preparing and clearing the swimming pool is quickly fixed.

Removing the winter protection from your swimming pool

If you placed a protection over your swimming pool at the end of last year, it is best to remove it first. A winternet ensures protect your pool against blisters or vermin. A winter tarpaulin allows water to pass through, but the dirt can stop you.

If you don't have this yet, this is already a first TIP!

After all, a winter bache ensures that you are spared from a lot of cleaning work. If there are blisters and animals in the pool, you will still have a lot of work to prepare the pool.

READING TIP : Winter net – perfect protection for your swimming pool in winter

Remove all debris from the pool

Immediately landing net can you shovel all the blisters and dirt out of the pool. The rule is that the less "dirty" organic material, the less products you will need to disinfect and clean everything. After removing the dirt, you can make the green swimming pool clear again with a chlorine shock and flocculant.

Here are 5 quick tips:

  • Check your pH value : 7.2 – 7.3
  • Dose chlorine and check the value : 0.5 – 1ppm – 750mv
  • Joint flocculant to the skimmer basket
  • Circulate CONTINUOUS and backwash enough
  • Raise the temperature from the heat pump to 28°C

Connect the heat pump

If you properly closed the swimming pool last year, the heat pump was disconnected and the by-pass closed. Reconnect the couplings and open the bypass again. Now the water can flow back through this pool heat pump. This device contains a flow detector. If this detector detects a water flow, the heat pump will restart. You may have turned off the fuse, turn it back on.

Heat pump by-pass

It makes sense to allow the heat pump to heat up only as soon as it is 15°C outside. From this temperature, the pool heating pump will work efficiently again.

This year we have included a new heat pump in our product range, a FULL INVERTER heat pump with insanely good specs and above all whisper quiet. Do you not yet have a heating system or an outdated pump and would you like to heat your swimming pool more efficiently? Then consider a replacement.

==> Heat pump AQT Inverter

TIP : The efficiency of the heat pump is determined by the “air flow” in the unit. We therefore recommend clearing the cooling packs with a heat pump cleaner.

Prepare the pool with a pool robot

From a temperature of 15°C you can use your pool robot have the pool cleaned completely clean. In these robots for swimming pools you can usually different filters places. At the start-up and if there is a lot of dirt in the pool, you can use a coarse filter. If the pool is a bit cleaner, you can switch to the fine filter basket.

In our shop you can find different pool robot filters purchases. The automatic pool robot makes a green pool clear and ready. Your swimming pool will be ready for summer in no time! The wall will also be brushed and the waterline. The pool robot will also provide extra movement in the water and thus distribute the products properly.

The latest and best pool cleaner is the Hayward Aquavac 650. We have a demo device in our pool shop and below you can see only pictures. You can order it here : Hayward Aquavac 650

Hayward Aquavac 650
Hayward Aquavac 650

We recently wrote a blog about the new one pool robots, read all about it here: The latest pool cleaners of 2020

Crystal clear water with new filter media

Just before the swimming pool season starts, it is the ideal time to replace your sand in the sand filter. A TIP is to replace the sand with filter glass.

Sand filter with Garo Filter Glass
Sand filter with Garo filter glass

Filter glass has a number of advantages:

  • longer life span then sand
  • better filtration then sand
  • less filter material needed than with sand

The best glass filter material for swimming pools is AFM Filter Glass. This has been extensively tested and has very good properties. With these filter media you can make your pool water crystal clear. Below is a video about the filter material. On the website of Dryden Aqua can you find all about it.

Pure swimming pool water with an automatic swimming pool water treatment

Do you finally want to prepare and clean the swimming pool manually after many years? With an automatic chlorine dosage can you pool chlorine dosing or an electrolysis can do this automatically. The most installed water treatment systems are still with automatic dosing liquid chlorine and a pH correction. These dosing systems are simple, cheap and easy to remember. Examples include the Hanna Security Pool Plus and the Hayward Control Station. You can even monitor the latter 24/24 7/7 via a smartphone APP.

An alternative is the electrolysis of Oxilife. A very reliable and efficient swimming pool control and water treatment. The advantage of this system is it "softer" water and the lower chlorine concentration.

With a WIFI module, this system can also be monitored remotely. Moreover, you can also operate your lights, regulate the temperature or, for example, the speed of your circulation pump. The swimming pool APP is all-encompassing.

Oxilife hydrolysis installation

Prepare green swimming pool water

It may happen that after the winter or, for example, after a heavy thunderstorm, your swimming pool has turned completely green. In general, this is caused by:

  • A too low chlorine content – do one chlorine shock and adjust the chlorine to 1ppm
  • The pH value not correct is, then the chlorine will not work properly. try to control the acidity of your pool at pH 7.2 -7.3
  • Too much "dirt" in the swimming pool, these can be blisters, dust or, for example, a dead animal.
  • A too high cyanuric acid concentration which simply blocks the action of the chlorine. Dilute the pool water and add fresh water. DO NOT use stabilized chlorine from HTH.
  • The time your pump circulates too little is, let the filter pump continuously filter the pool water.

We made a separate page for this topic because this is a frequently asked question. Discover all our tips and advice on this page : Make and keep green swimming pool water clear.


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