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Outdoor shower for in the garden, by the jacuzzi or at the swimming pool

Next to an hip black outdoor shower from AQT or Sea you can also contact us for a classic shower for outside, a shower for the garden that is easy to install and connectable with the garden hose. We distribute a wide range of workshops Tradewinds, including the Cascade, the Show'r, the Field shower and the very nice Wellwell.


An outdoor shower in the garden ensures that less dirt, such as grass, ends up in the water. When you always take a short shower before swimming, the first dirt is always washed off your body. An outdoor shower is both useful for pool filtration and pleasant for the swimmer. USEFUL : Garden showers, all information, FAQs, BLOGs and videos about outdoor showers.

You can buy the matching outdoor showers from us for every garden design.

A matching garden shower for every style

We offer different types of garden showers, depending on your type of garden and house, you can go for a classic model TradeWinds, or opt for a design shower from Sea or from Jee - O.
Forget the Gardena triple shower, nowadays you can choose from beautiful beautiful ones designer showers in front of the grass. The garden showers from Atelier Tradewinds are our most sold models. Classic or modern, always made of top materials, durable and weather resistant.
There is a matching shower for every garden design.  New in our range is the AQT Outdoor Shower. This designer shower was designed by Tarantik & Egger and very easy to use and install. This outdoor shower is available in different colors: black, white, yellow and pink.
The advantage of this simple shower is that you can easily store it during the winter months. After all, the connection is with a garden hose and the shower weighs only 3 kg.

Urban style shower for the garden


Sometimes it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. This is the most original outdoor shower Outdoor shower excel . This is a very simple shower that you can integrate nicely into the garden. It fits very well in a natural environment.

TIP : This shower is very nicely packaged and very nice gift idea.

The style of the shower in the garden matches perfectly with the pool you have in the garden. You can use an outdoor shower before and after swimming. This is ideal for getting rid of anything that can make your pool dirty just before swimming, as well as for getting used to the temperature. After swimming, this is just as good for rinsing your body of chlorine or salt.

Invigorating outdoor showers are not only used at the pool, they also provide cooling during hot summer days or when sunbathing

A lovely shower in the garden

What could be more fun than taking a shower in the garden during a hot summer day or in the morning after swimming. A shower in the garden is a wonderful boost and also ensures that after taking a dip in the pool or after a massage in one spa bath, the chlorinated water can rinse with fresh fresh water.

Shower for the garden with different colors

The ZEE brand designed a beautiful shower with a garden hose coupling. Both a black garden shower and a white shower for in the grass or on the terrace; the Levantine outdoor shower You can also use the accompanying garden hose with wheels Sea Tasman or the Sea Mirton  to buy on the wall in exactly the same color. This way you can use a nice uniform design for your garden accessories.

The most beautiful black design garden shower from Zee

Another nice much-sold shower is the AQT Outdoor Shower This outdoor shower in the garden has a very original and functional design and you can buy the shower in different colors; black, white, yellow or pink garden shower.